SpaceX怎样把它的火箭在加利福尼亚,田纳西和弗罗里达之间运输呢?How does SpaceX transport rockets between California, Texas, and Florida?

Robert WesselAnswered Jun 3

SpaceX moves Falcon 9s on a big truck.

SpaceX 用一个大卡车来运送 Falcon 9s。

The first stage, for example, is only 12ft in diameter, so the load is not exceptionally wide or high (still enough that it would need permitting as a special load). The 140ft length is the big issue, but stuff that long gets transported on a regular basis. You do have to do enough route planning to make sure that you don’t run into any problems, but again, it’s stuff that happens for people hauling oversized loads every day. It’s also not that heavy – the F9 first stage is less than 50,000lbs empty.

例如,第一级火箭的直径仅为12英尺,因此负载并不是特别宽或过高(卡车需要特殊负载许可)。 140英尺长是个大问题,但那么长的东西将会分步运输。您必须做足够的路线规划,以确保您不会遇到任何问题,但是同样,每天搬运超重货物的人们都会遇到这种情况。它也不是那么重-F9第一级的空载重量不到50,000磅。

The second stage is the same diameter, but only about 41ft long, and less than 9000lbs empty. You could fit it on a standard flatbed trailer (you’d still need special load permitting).


The payload fairing is 17.5ft in diameter, and 43ft long, but it’s two pieces, less than 8ft wide (and the whole things weights less than 4000lbs).


Falcon 9 first stage, landing legs and and grid fins removed:


【知乎:猎鹰 (Falcon) 9R 为什么要添加栅格翼 (grid fins)?】

Payload fairing half:


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