在SpaceX工作有什么有趣的地方?What are some interesting facts about working at SpaceX?


There’s free coffee, froyo, and an in-office masseuse.


It has its own restaurant (Elon refuses to let anyone call it a cafeteria) called the Lunch Pad. Get it? Haaa! Food is $3-5

它有自己的餐厅叫做“午餐发射台”(Elon拒绝让任何人称之为自助餐厅)。 知道什么意思吗? 哈哈! 食物大概是是3-5美元。

There’s cool furniture and artwork made from not-for-flight parts.


Since a rocket is so similar to an ICBM, they are considered munitions according to International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and thus we can only hire and work with US citizens.


As an employee you can pretty much go to any part of the factory and get to watch the rockets being built from start to finish.


A lot of internal project names are Star Trek references.


Behind the elevator shafts is a wheel of cheese that was launched into space on a test flight, a Dragon panel, and life sized autographed statues of Iron Man and a Cylon by their respective casts.


【译注:一大块奶酪是在红色钢铁侠左后方,一个白色的圆那里,上面有“shhh!”和一头奶牛的字样,在2010年由第一艘龙飞船作为载荷发射上天。参见 https://www.businessinsider.com/spacex-dragon-cheese-rocket-2010-2017-3

Photo: Items mentioned above, but in a different location.


Elon had a cameo role in Iron Man 2, and Hammer Industries is actually the SpaceX factory in Hawthorne. Not only that, but the characterization for Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies is based on him.

Elon在《钢铁侠2》中扮演过客串角色,而Hammer Industries实际上是霍桑市的SpaceX工厂。 不仅如此,《钢铁侠》电影中托尼·斯塔克的形象也基于他。

He was also in The Simpsons, Machete Kills, and an executive producer on Thank You For Smoking


Just about everyone is in a cubicle, even Elon. Behind it there’s two canvases depicting Mars as it is now and is it would look if it were terraformed. (See: It is said that near his cubicle, Elon Musk has two giant posters of Mars – a before, and after scenario, once he’s colonized the planet. Does anyone have a photo?)

几乎每个人都在一个小隔间里工作,甚至是埃隆。 在埃隆小隔间的后面,有两个画布描绘了现在的火星和被地球化后的火星。 (请参阅:据说在小隔间附近,埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)有两张巨大的火星海报——殖民之前和之后。有人有照片吗?


Elon didn’t like the schools his kids were going to, so he created his own private school called “Ad Astra” (To the stars) which will frequently meet in unused SpaceX or Tesla meeting rooms. (See my answer to What do you know about the school of Elon Musk’s children? How do they teach? Are there any assignments? Do the children really like the school?)

Elon不喜欢他的孩子去的学校,所以他创建了自己的私立学校“ Ad Astra”(去往星星),并且经常在闲置的SpaceX或Tesla会议室开会。 (请参阅:你对埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)的孩子的学校了解多少?他们如何教书?有任何作业吗?孩子们真的喜欢学校吗?

The company holiday usually has a giant ball pit for adults (xkcd: Grownups)


Photo: Giant ball pit at a SpaceX Party.


Photo: SpaceX parties get so big you need a map and rickshaw to drive you around.


During launches, everyone gathers outside mission control and cheers it on. It’s been progressively getting more and more packed for each launch. If you own the “Launch Day” SpaceX poster, I’m actually in that; I like to make my friends play Where’s Waldo with it.

在火箭发射过程中,每个人都聚集在任务控制区域的外部并为之加油。每次发射时,它总会经过越来越多的包装。 如果您拥有“启动日” SpaceX海报,你会发现我就在里面。 我喜欢让我的朋友一起玩《瓦尔多在哪里》。

You’re allowed to attend rocket launches in person. I am never at the cape, but last time there was a launch out of Vandenberg I saw it live and went skydiving afterwards.

您可以亲自参加火箭发射。 我从没在过卡纳维拉尔角观看过发射,但是上一次范登堡号发射升空时,我亲自看到了它冲进天空。

When we’re in mission, you can look at dragon’s camera feeds at the ISS from your desk or mission control.



Every now and then SpaceX will buy out all the tickets for the premiere of space-themed movies as a company outing. We did it with Gravity and just recently with The Martian.

SpaceX会不时地购买所有太空主题电影首映的门票,用于公司外出的活动。 我们看过《地心引力》,而最近看过《火星救援》。

Even though my job had nothing to do with mission control, I got to do a launch simulation there which was a really cool experience.


As cool as the place is, you cannot take or share pictures of the factory or release anything that may be considered confidential unless it’s been explicitly approved for release.


As a SpaceX employee, I occasionally worked with our sister company Tesla Motors as well, and was offered a private tour of the Tesla Design Lab, which is right next door to SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne. It’s not nearly as big as the Tesla HQ, but is still incredibly cool. While I was there I even saw the James Bond submarine car that Elon is converting into working car with a tesla drivetrain. (Tesla’s Elon Musk buys 007’s sub to make it real)

作为SpaceX的员工,我偶尔也会与我们的姊妹公司Tesla Motors合作,并参加了一次私密的Tesla设计实验室活动,该实验室就位于霍桑市SpaceX总部的隔壁。 它不像特斯拉总部那么大,但是仍然非常酷。 当我在那里的时候,我什至还看到了埃隆(Elon)正在将詹姆斯·邦德(James Bond)潜艇改装成带有特斯拉(Tesla)传动系统的工作车。 (特斯拉(Tesla)的伊隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)购买007的潜水艇以使其成为现实

Photo: Wet Nellie, a custom-built submarine, created for the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me in the shape of a Lotus Esprit S1

照片:Wet Nellie,定制潜水艇,是为1977年James Bond电影The Spy Who Loved Me而设计的,它的形状是Lotus Esprit S1。

I was also privy to going to special Tesla events like the unveiling of the Model D. There was an open bar and the Jack Northrop airport was shut down so we could use the runway for a test track. Everyone got to ‘test drive’ the autopilot features.

我也参加特斯拉的私密的特别活动,例如Model D的发布。那儿有一个露天酒吧,杰克·诺斯罗普机场已关闭,因此我们可以使用跑道进行测试。 每个人都要“测试驾驶”自动驾驶功能。

Celebrities will come through for private tours and doing interviews with Elon. I was at lunch one day and realized 2 tables away from me Elon was eating with Jennifer Aniston. I bumped into Joseph Gordon Levitt in the bathroom when he was there for filming Hit Record on TV. Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, and so many that I missed because I was at my desk working haha.

知名人士可以参加私人旅行,并采访Elon。 一天,我在午餐中,发现距离我2桌的埃隆正和珍妮弗·安妮斯顿一起吃饭。 约瑟夫·戈登·莱维特(Joseph Gordon Levitt)在电视上拍摄《 Hit Record》时,我碰到了他。 威尔·史密斯(Will Smith),摩根·弗里曼(Morgan Freeman)以及许多我想念的东西,因为我当时在办公桌旁工作。哈哈。

Disclaimer: I am a former SpaceX employee, and even as a SpaceX employee would not be allowed to speak on behalf of the company. Everything I’m saying is public knowledge from tours and from my personal experience working there. My opinions do not necessarily reflect SpaceX’s and nothing I said should be taken as an official statement from SpaceX, Elon, or Tesla Motors.

免责声明:我以前是SpaceX的一名员工,即使不允许一位SpaceX的员工代表公司发言。 我所说的一切都是从旅行和我在那儿工作的个人经验中得到的。 我的观点不代表SpaceX的观点,我所说的任何内容均不应被视为SpaceX,Elon或Tesla Motors的正式声明。


SpaceX总部里 还有一些别的精美的海报。

你可以在推特上看到Elon & Justin Roiland的合影。

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