NASA的雇员是如何看待坎巴拉太空计划这类太空探索模拟器的?How do NASA employees view a space-exploration simulator like Kerbal Space Program?

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(Above, an ion-powered probe I made in KSP, with a rover, en route to the Mercury-like planet, Moho. Reflecting why few Mercury probes are sent in real-life, this thing is carrying far more energy to slow down as it reaches the inner planet than most real spacecraft could carry for its size. Still a pain in the ass to complete this mission.)

(上图是我用KSP制成的离子动力探针,带有探索侧车,正途经类似水星的行星Moho。 当它到达内行星时,大多数真正的航天器都无法承受它的大小。完成这项任务仍然是一件痛苦的事情。)

I play this so much, I’ve forgotten what many other games are out there.


As for NASA…


…To paraphrase another Quoran, they love this simulator to heartfelt tears.

Here’s another NASA article proclaiming their love. NASA reached out to Squad (the game’s developer) to add in an asteroid-redirect mission some years ago. The game was updated to allow you to find and redirect asteroids in the Kerbol system.

这是NASA另一篇说他们喜欢玩KSP的文章。 美国太空总署(NASA)于几年前与Squad(游戏的开发者)取得联系,以增加小行星重定向任务。 游戏已更新,可以让您在Kerbol系统中查找和重定向小行星。

And, as NASA was planning an asteroid-redirect mission with the Orion spacecraft and its Space Launch System, the game has since included parts that allow you to build an SLS-like launch vehicle.


The game’s recent first expansion also allows you to make an Apollo-Saturn IB or V configuration (complete with a really nice looking Lunar Module ascent stage part), as well as parts to emulate a NASA Space Shuttle (or Russian Buran, if you’re into that sort of thing).

游戏最近的最近扩展也使您可以组装Apollo-Saturn IB或V(具有非常漂亮的Lunar Module上部分),以及添加可以模拟NASA航天飞机(或俄罗斯Buran,如果您愿意的话)的部件。

以下内容来源于网站space safety magazine,博主翻译

The Penny Arcade Report website interviewed Douglas Ellison, a visualization producer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). He revealed that half of JPL was playing KSP. “I’ve actually tried to land on Duna using the sky-crane method and I have killed many Kerbals along the way,” said Ellison.

Penny Arcade Report网站在电子娱乐博览会(E3)上采访了NASA喷气推进实验室(JPL)的可视化制作人Douglas Ellison。他透露说JPL的一半的人正在玩KSP。埃里森说:“我实际上曾尝试使用空中吊车方法降落在杜纳(Duna)上,在过程中宰了很多kerbal。”

NASA and SpaceX were present at E3 with a booth. While NASA was invited especially to do some public outreach, SpaceX was hunting talents for its software team.


The popular webcomic XKCD also mentioned KSP (Credits: XKCD)


“Half of our software team is actually from the gaming industry,” said Keith Nicewarner, a robotics engineer at SpaceX. “At the end of the day, a lot of the problems are software problems, and you don’t need to know rocket science to solve them, we already have rocket scientists.”

“我们的软件团队中有一半实际上来自游戏行业,” SpaceX的机器人工程师Keith Nicewarner说。 “归根结底,很多问题都是软件问题,您不需要了解火箭科学来解决这些问题,我们已经有火箭科学家了。”

以下内容来自 ,博主翻译

Kerbal Space Program (KSP)—a computer game set on “Kerbin,” a distant, fictional planet that is home to enthusiastic space-faring creatures—just got an extra shot of realism thanks to a recent collaboration with NASA.

Kerbal Space Program(KSP)是一款计算机游戏,游戏开始于“ Kerbin”上,这是一个遥远的虚构星球,是热情的航天生物的家园。由于与NASA的近期合作,它可以营造了更多的真实感。

The game, which puts players in charge of Kerbin’s burgeoning space agency, features big rockets, realistic physics and orbital mechanics, and plenty of humor. It is popular not just with the public but in particular with many NASA employees, who have used it to recreate historical missions such as the Apollo Program and Curiosity’s recent trip to Mars.


NASA reached out to Squad (the company that develops KSP), and, following some discussion, both parties realized there was potential for a productive collaboration. The result was an asteroid redirect mission for KSP based largely on NASA’s own plans to identify, capture, and redirect an asteroid; bring it into the moon’s orbit; and send a manned mission to it.


Squad jumped at the opportunity to receive input from NASA scientists and engineers, who helped the company create realistic, in-game rocket and tool designs especially for the mission. In return, NASA hopes to raise awareness both about agency missions and goals and about the threat to Earth posed by asteroids.


“The collaboration with Kerbal Space Program can help drive interest by future explorers in next-generation technology development and deep space exploration,” said Bob Jacobs, deputy associate administrator for communications at NASA. “Having an element of the experience based in the reality of NASA’s exploration initiatives empowers players to manage their own space program while getting valuable insight into the reality of studying asteroids as a next step in getting to Mars.”

“与Kerbal太空计划的合作可以帮助激发未来的探索者对下一代技术开发和深空探索的兴趣,” NASA通信副副局长Bob Jacobs说。 “具有基于NASA探索计划现实的元素,使玩家能够管理自己的太空计划,同时也能学到有关小行星的现实知识,作为通往火星的准备。

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