据我了解,最后三个阿波罗号(18到20号)是完全可操作的,只需要加油并放在发射台上即可。 我们可以训练机组人员,并派他们中的一个送到月球吗?From what I know the last three Apollos are fully operable, they just need to be fueled and to be put on the launch pad. Could we train a crew and send them to the Moon in one of them?

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SA-513, which would have launched Apollo 18, was used to launch Skylab. The S-IVB third stage was moved to the Johnson Space Center, where it was put on display out in the elements along with the first stage from SA-514 and the second stage from SA-515, which would have been Apollos 19 and 20 respectively. The rest of the stages were similarly moved to outdoor display and are now in museums.

本来要发射Apollo 18的SA-513,已经被用来发射Skylab。 S-IVB的第三阶段移至约翰逊航天中心,在那里与SA-514的第一阶段和SA-515的第二阶段(分别是阿波罗19和20的)一起展出。 其余级也类似地被出,现在在博物馆中。

CSM-115, which would have flown as Apollo 18, was abandoned before completion and is now on display in Houston. CSM-116 and 117, which would have flown as Apollo 19 and 20, along with CSM-118, flew crews to Skylab. The last CSM, CSM-119, was reserved for Skylab rescue, and is now on display in Florida.

CSM-115原本是阿波罗18号,但在完成之前就被废弃了,现在在休斯顿展出。 CSM-116和117(本来会与与阿波罗19号和20号一起飞行)与CSM-118一起将机组人员送往Skylab。 最后的CSM, CSM-119被保留用于Skylab救援,现在在佛罗里达州展出。

LM-13, which would have flown as Apollo 18, was abandoned before completion but was later superficially completed by Grumman volunteers and is now on display at the Cradle of Aviation museum on Long Island. LMs 14 and 15 were scrapped.

LM-13(原本用于阿波罗18号)在完工前就被废弃了,但后来由格鲁曼公司的志愿者将其表面地完成,现在在长岛的航空摇篮博物馆中展出。 LM 14和15报废了。

Q: Could we train a crew and send them to the moon in one of them?


No. While I have all the user manuals on my laptop, that’s only a tiny part of what’s needed to train a crew even if the hardware was up to it, which it isn’t.


First, the infrastructure no longer exists to prepare and launch a Saturn. Second, rockets don’t take well to being left out in the weather. When I visited the Johnson Space Center as a kid, there were swallows nesting in the interstages of their cobbled-together Saturn. When it was finally moved indoors in the 2000s, a cleanup and renovation effort found that the salt air in Clear Lake had so corroded the space frame, there was initially concern as to whether it could survive being moved.

首先,准备和发射土星的基础设施不再存在了。 其次,火箭在这种天气下不适合被放在外面。 当我小时候参观约翰逊航天中心时,燕子在他们拼凑在一起的土星火箭的中间级筑巢。 当它最终在2000年代被移到室内时,进行了清理和翻新工作,发现克利尔湖的咸气已经腐蚀了空间框架,他们开始担心它是否可以幸免于难。

Workers freshened up the paint and removed the birds, but the silver nickel batteries were removed decades ago, and the rotten avionics and cabling are now antiques. And the partially completed service module … has no engine.

工人们重新上了油漆并赶走了鸟类,但是数十年前的银镍电池被移走了,烂了的航空电子设备和电缆现在变成了古董。 并且部分完成的服务模块…没有引擎。

The boosters have now been moved into nice indoor displays, but no, these giants will never fly.



@ Jonathan Miller

Back when the Saturn Vs were kept outside we used to say that if a hurricane stuck they would fly again.


@ Chris Lockwood

I used to take my kid brother out to the site where this Saturn V was displayed and we would launch model rockets near the visitor parking lot. We never saw any tourists, but we did get an earful from the local radio-control model airplane club who also used the same field. It seems that other model rocketeers would leave the grounds littered with spent rocket engines.

我曾经带我的弟弟到展示土星五号的地方去,然后我们在游客停车场附近发射火箭模型。 我们从来没有见过任何游客,但是我们确实从当地的无线电控制模型飞机俱乐部得到了帮助,他们也在使用相同的场地。 看来其他型号的火箭手会把废旧的火箭发动机扔到地上。

I do remember what sad state that that old Saturn V was in. I’m glad they built that new enclosure around it but I think it’s safe to say that only an act of God will see it fly again.


@ Eric Valor

I last saw the one at Kennedy Space Center in 2006. It looked OK but there’s no way in Hell it would ever be allowed to fly if it was even capable. From what I understand it’s just an empty shell. And I would certainly not trust the ancient F1s. When I was a kid watching them launch from my back yard Idreamed about going up in one. Now… NFW. I would sooner launch in a shuttle but I would much rather be wearing a SpaceX Dragon! (or better yet a BFR but that’s vaporware right now)

我上一次是在2006年在肯尼迪航天中心看到的。它看起来还可以,但就算可以的话它也不会再飞起来了。 据我了解,这只是一个空壳。 而且我当然不会觉得古老的F1引擎还能使用。 当我还是个孩子的时候,看着它从我的后院发射出来,我就梦想着要坐着其中的一个飞到太空中去。 现在… NFW。 我会早些时候曾执行一次航天飞机发射任务,但我宁愿穿着SpaceX Dragon! (最好是一个BFR但那现在是vaporware了)

@William Dancer
Don’t count BFR out at all. You may be pleasantly surprised how quickly it comes together. It’s one of the reasons you haven’t heard much from Falcon Heavy. He’s concentrating of the easier construction of the BFR (if you can believe that as I do). This kid is better than this country deserves and I’m thankful he’s on our side and sees things HIS way.

不要把BFR不算数。 您可能会惊喜地发现它们发展的速度如此之快。 这是您对Falcon Heavy知之甚少的原因之一。 他致力于简化BFR的构建(如果您能像我一样相信的话)。 这个孩子比这个国家应得的要好,我很感谢他站在我们这边,以他的方式看待事情。

@ Chris Lockwood

You and I must have lived close to each other and be close to the same age. Our backyard faced East and was about 13 miles from the launch pads. We watched many routine launches from our patio, although for the big Apollo launches we would go out to Merit Island. We lived in a subdivision called The Highlands. I went to St. Theresa’s Catholic School and Imperial Estates Elementary. In 1971 we moved to Houston which is where the Saturn V I used to visit was.

你和我一定住得很近,并且年龄相仿。 我们的后院面向东方,距发射台约13英里。 我们在露台上观看了许多次发射,但是在大型阿波罗发射的时候,我们将前往梅里特岛。 我们生活在一个名为“高地”的分区中。 我去了圣特蕾莎天主教学校和帝国庄园小学。 1971年,我们搬到了休斯顿,这是我以前参观过的土星五号所在的地方。

@ Jonathan Miller

We had our tongue firmly planted in our cheek as we mused about the Saturn V flying in a cat 5 hurricane.


I lived in Titusville for 7 years or so and if I wasn’t working the launch could see it from my yard. Now in Houston I don’t see anything fly.

我在泰特斯维尔(Titusville)住了7年左右,如果我不工作的话,我可以在我的院子里看到发射台。 现在在休斯顿,我没见过什么东西起飞过。

@ Joe Zbiciak

I managed to visit Johnson both before and after they moved the rocket indoors. I’m glad they did move it indoors.

在他们将火箭移入室内之前和之后,我都访问了约翰逊航天中心。 我很高兴他们把它移到了室内。

(EDIT: “Move it indoors” is a misnomer. Really, it seems they built a building around it and it’s in roughly the same place it was before.)


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