为什么NASA飞行主管在发生事故期间,明确要求将任务控制处的门锁上,即使房间中的任何专家都不会想过逃掉?Why does the NASA flight director explicitly call for doors to be locked during disasters even though none of the professionals in the room would try to escape anyway?

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“GC, Lock the doors” is a command that initiates the contingency response to a significant incident, such as the loss of a vehicle. It begins a FREEZE, ISOLATE, AND PROTECT process. The Flight Director would follow up that statement with a call to the team to immediately pull out the contingency section of the Flight Control Operations Handbook to identify specific actions that are to be taken.

“ GC,锁上门”是对重大事件(例如载具损毁)的应急响应的命令。 这样会开始冻结,隔离和保护程序。 飞行主管然后要求团队立即思考《飞行控制操作手册》的应急部分,以决定要采取的具体措施。

Access to the facility becomes restricted. People that weren’t in the room at the time or aren’t essential to the next steps are not allowed access and the people in the room are restricted from leaving. Communication in and out of the room is restricted. Usage of all devices, both workstations and personal, is restricted. The team is hands-off. Nothing should be done that changes the configuration at the time of the incident. Those are the freeze and isolate steps. Next comes protect. All of the data that was in use must be captured, recorded, and preserved in a static state. Even the trash cans have to be preserved in their state. All of this is because any investigation into the incident will require all of this data.

进入该房间受到限制。 当时不在房间里,或对下一步不重要的人都不允许进入,并且房间里的人被禁止离开。 房间内外的通信受到限制。 限制使用所有设备,包括工作站和个人设备。 在发生事故后,团队暂时不会去干涉任何东西, 也不会更改任何配置。 这些是冻结和隔离步骤。 接下来是保护。 所有正在使用的数据必须以静态保存,记录和保存。 甚至垃圾桶也必须保持其状态。 所有这些都是因为对事件的任何调查都将需要所有这些数据。

Once given permission, the occupants of the room may continue to capture their observations and actions in their console logs.


It is important to keep the equipment, documentation, and people in a pristine state until it all has been preserved. We don’t want any form of contamination that could be caused by someone bringing in data that wasn’t in the room during the incident into the room or removing data. We don’t want the team’s observation and recording of those observations influenced by communication with people that weren’t there.

重要的是要保持设备,文档和人员处于事故刚发生时的状态,直到所有内容都保存完为止。 我们不希望由于事故期间有人将不在房间内的数据带入房间或删除数据,而造成任何形式的干扰。 我们不希望团队的观察和记录,因与那些与不在场的人的交流而受到影响。

All of the data will be collected and put into secure data containers and taken to a secure vault. Debriefing of the team may then be performed and once a response team has been formed and has begun their work, the Flight Director may release the team.

所有数据将被收集并放入安全的数据存放器里,并保存到安全的保管库中。 然后可以对团队进行汇报,一旦响应小组成立并开始工作,飞行主管可以让该团队活动开来了。

@ Nikhil Desai

Even the tiniest detail has been thought of! Who were the people who put together this protocol/ process?

甚至思考到了最微小的细节! 是谁提出这个计划的?

And I really pray that we don’t ever have to use this process (though, I guess it’s used at least twice so far)!



The development of the flight rules is a continuous process. The initial credit can go to Chris Kraft, the first flight director, who defined how we do flight control. But any flight controller can initiate a flight rule.

飞行规则的制定是一个连续的过程。 最初的荣誉可以归功于第一位飞行主管Chris Kraft,他制定了我们进行飞行控制的规则。 但是之后的飞行主管也可以制定新规则。

@ Nikhil Desai

What amazes me is how he/ they managed to envision scenarios, and then set the guidelines for the same. For example: maintaining the trash cans for an audit later, not allowing any other person into the control room to avoid data contamination!!

他/他们能想到这些场景,然后为之制定规则真是太令我惊讶了! 例如:维护垃圾桶以便以后检查,不允许任何其他人进入控制室,以免造成数据污染!

Respect to all Flight controllers and especially Chris Kraft for being the pioneer!

我尊敬所有飞行主管,尤其是克里斯·卡夫(Chris Kraft),他是先锋!

@ Denis Oakley

From my experience managing safety critical processes in the railway industry the key thing is not so much imagination but bitter experience and the updating of processes after every failure.


This video gives a graphic record of many rocket failures.



Each one of them brought new processes and systems to help the engineers manage subsequent launches better and safer.


Progress is the accretion of knowledge not the standout achievements of a single man despite our tendency to hero worship.


@ Aditya Ganesh

I’ve seen the footage. I always shudder at the thought of ‘Lock the doors’. I can see the visibly distraught faces of everyone in the room including the flight director but he/she has the stoic responsibility of bringing things in order and taking the next course of action. It never ceases to amaze me.

我看过这些镜头。 我总是对“锁门”的想法感到惊讶。 我可以看到房间里每个人(包括飞行主管)都非常烦闷,但他/她却能承担将事情井井有条并采取下一步行动的坚定责任。 我永远觉得他们做的是对的。


GC stands for ground control. They are the flight controller responsible for the mission control center facility/infrastructure.

GC代表地面控制(ground control)。 他们是负责任务控制中心的设施的飞行控制这。

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