火星上包含奥林匹斯山的山脉有多高? How tall is the mountain range that contains Olympus Mons on Mars?

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I like questions about Mars. This is a good one because it helps us step away from the terrestrial sense of things. Many mountains are in ranges. The Rockies, the Andes, the Urals, and the Himalayas are good examples. This has something to do with how the Earths crust moves. Geologists call the creation of a mountain an orogeny. Orogenics is an interesting process, but some of what we know about it does not translate to the Red Planet. Why? Because Mars has limited plate tectonics. There are crust deformities, faults and Mars-quakes, but as I was taught, it’s to a much smaller, regional extent than that on Earth.

我喜欢关于火星的问题。 这个问题很好,因为它让我们不得不抛弃对地球表面事物的认识。 许多山脉都是这样。 洛矶山脉,安第斯山脉,乌拉尔山脉和喜马拉雅山脉就是很好的例子。 这与地壳的运动有关。 地质学家称山造山为造山运动。 造山运动是一个有趣的过程,但是我们所知道的造山运动却并没有改变火星那颗红色星球。 为什么? 因为火星的板块构造有限。 有地壳畸形,断层和火星地震,但据我所知,它的区域范围要比地球范围小得多。

Still, Olympus Mons exists. It is the largest mountain in the solar system, or more accurately, the largest volcano. It is a shield-type volcano of vast extent, having a footprint similar to that of Spain (and remember, Mars is a much smaller globe so Spain would make for a relatively large geographic feature on it.

奥林匹斯山仍然存在。 它是太阳系中最大的山脉,或更准确地说,是最大的火山。 它是一个范围广泛的盾构型火山,地形与西班牙相似(请记住,火星是一个较小的地球仪,因此西班牙大小的面积也会在其上形成较大的地理特征。

This giant volcano sits on the western boundary of a region known as the Tharsis Bulge. It is a volcanic plateau and home to several shield volcanoes including Olympus Mons’ three smaller neighbors, Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons, and Ascraeus Mons, each of which are taller than Everest. Olympus Mons reaches above most of the Martian atmosphere. It is roughly three times taller than Earth’s largest mountain, Mt. Everest (29,029 feet) at 25 km or about 84000 feet. There is no real mountain range associated with it.

这座巨型火山位于西部边界, 是一个被称为塔尔西斯膨胀(Tharsis Bulge)的地区,它是一座火山高原,并拥有数座盾构火山,其中包括奥林匹斯山(Olympus Mons)的三个较小的邻国阿西亚(Arsia Mons),帕沃尼斯(Pavonis Mons)和阿斯凯厄斯(Ascraeus Mons),每个山都比珠穆朗玛峰高。 在25公里(约84000英尺)的高度上,它大约是地球上最大的山脉珠穆朗玛峰(29,029英尺)的三倍,但那儿没有真正的山脉。

As an interesting aside, the previously-mentioned Pavonis Mons conveniently straddles the Martian equator and reaches far above most of the planet’s atmosphere, so it has been a favorite feature upon which to build a space elevator in Sci-Fi literature.

还有个有趣的地方是,先前提到的帕沃尼斯·蒙斯(Pavonis Mons)轻松地跨了越火星赤道,并且高度远远超过了地球大部分大气层,因此在科幻文学作品中建造太空电梯一直是最受欢迎的功能。

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One Big Volcano

Olympus Mons compared to other geographical structures you may be familiar with.


Tharsis Bulge seen in map view with false color associated with elevation. Note the three smaller Tharsis Montes to the southeast of Olympus Mons.

在地图视图中看到的Tharsis Bulge带有与高程相关的伪色。 请注意奥林巴斯蒙斯(Olympus Mons)东南部的三个较小的塔里西斯(Tharsis Montes)。


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The only “sad” thing about Olympus Mons is it’s so shallowly sloped that you wouldn’t actually see much of it from the ground, as it would just look like a sort of big lump on the horizon as you went up its side until you get to the top. The biggest exception would be the giant cliffs at its base, which would be darn impressive from the ground. And its caldera would be pretty awesome to walk around in…

关于奥林巴斯蒙斯的唯一“悲伤”之处在于它的倾斜度如此之小,以至于您实际上并不会从地面上看到很多东西,因为当您向上攀升直到您站起来时,它看起来就像是地平线上的一大块东西,一直到达了顶部。 最大的例外是其底部的巨大悬崖,从地面上看那令人印象深刻。 而且如果能走到附近瞧瞧,那它的破火山口真的很棒……


Exactly… and you read my mind… those cliffs at the base must look wiked-awesome! Thanks for your contribution. Ad Astra!

确实……您读懂了我的心声……在底部的那些悬崖一定看起来很神奇! 感谢您的贡献。 Ad Astra!

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