在太空中呆了一段时间后回到地球上是什么感觉?What is it like to live on Earth after living in space?


Garrett Reisman

Garrett Reisman Former NASA Astronaut


First of all, the food is much better here on Earth.  And taking showers and going to the bathroom are much easier to do here too.


But you do go through a strange adaptation process when you return to Earth.  The first thing you notice is that everything seems really heavy.  After 95 days on the International Space Station, I returned to Earth in the Space Shuttle Discovery.  I took off my helmet and it felt like I was holding the anchor of the U.S.S. Nimitz in my hand.  Oh great, I thought, how am I ever going to brush my teeth – the brush will be too heavy!

但是当您返回地球时,确实会经历一个奇怪的适应过程。 您注意到的第一件事是,一切似乎都很沉重。 在国际空间站呆了95天后,我回到了发现号航天飞机。 我脱下头盔,感觉就像是在握着尼米兹号航空母舰的船锚。 哦,我都不知道怎么刷牙了…牙刷太重了!

The next thing you notice is that your vestibular system is all messed up.  Just sitting up took a lot of concentration.  After about 15 minutes I was able to stand, but I would have keeled right over if there weren’t a lot of things to hold onto in the middeck of Discovery.

接下来您会注意到前庭系统全部混乱。只能坐着来集中精力。 大约15分钟后,我站了起来,但是如果在Discovery的甲板上没有东西让我撑着的话,我就不得不弯腰了。

You see, your brain is remarkably adaptable.  After just a few days in space it figures out that your inner ear is producing nothing but garbage signals and so the brain turns the gains of those signals way down in its Kalman filter and cranks up the gains on your visual sensors, the eyes.  Then all is well, until you come back to Earth.  Now you need your inner ear sensor again, but the brain is still filtering it out.  Gradually the brain re-calibrates, but it takes a while.

您会发现,您的大脑非常适应。 在太空中呆了几天之后,它发现您的内耳只产生垃圾信号,因此大脑在其卡尔曼滤波器中将这些信号的增益向下调低,并增加了视觉传感器(眼睛)的增益。 然后一切都会好起来,直到您回到地球。 现在,您需要再次使用内耳传感器,但是大脑仍在过滤掉它。 大脑会逐渐重新校准,但需要一段时间。

For me the process went pretty quickly.  We don’t know why, but anecdotally I can tell you that short and stocky people re-adapt more quickly than tall and lanky folks.  This was only the second time in my life that being short came in handy.  (The first time being during limbo contests at Bar Mitzvahs in New Jersey in the early 80s.)

对我来说,这个过程进行得很快。 我们不知道为什么,但是奇怪的是,我可以告诉你,矮胖的人将比高瘦的人重新适应的速度更快。 这是我一生中第二次我的矮个子派上用场的时候。 (第一次是在80年代初新泽西州的Bar Mitzvahs举行的limbo比赛中。)

After about an hour, I was able to walk around the Shuttle on the runway at the Kennedy Space Center and I was even able to go out to a local bar with my crewmates and I managed to eat half a cheeseburger and half a beer.  On my second flight, STS-132, which was only about 2 weeks in duration, we went to the same bar and I had a whole cheeseburger and a whole glass of beer.  So when people ask me what was the difference between a long-duration spaceflight and a short-duration spaceflight, I have a quantifiable answer: a half-cheeseburger and a half-beer!

大约一个小时后,我就能在肯尼迪航天中心跑道上的航天飞机上走来走去,甚至还可以和我的机组人员一起去当地的一家酒吧,而且我设法吃了一半的芝士汉堡和一半的啤酒。 在我的第二次飞行中,STS-132的飞行时间只有大约2周,我们去了同一个酒吧,我有一个完整的芝士汉堡和一整杯啤酒。 因此,当人们问我长时间飞行和短期飞行之间有什么区别时,我有一个量化的答案:半芝士汉堡和半啤酒!


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Hey thank you Garrett, great answer. I bet those were the best tasting cheeseburgers ever.


It is one of the things I notice as a strong theme with the spaceflight folks here at Quora: The little things mean a lot… they actually aren’t so little. Humanizing space exploration with anecdotes about Skittles and movie times and playing keyboards on the ISS make it feel accessible to folks on Earth. And, for the folks on the ISS, you get to feel comfort with the way such things are provided for you by all the crew & loved ones down on the blue dot.


I was on the phone tonight with a pal who just returned from working closely with Benedict Cumberbatch for 4 months, hanging out with “Ben” at pubs and all after movie stuff all day. And you know what he had to say about it? “I had a great time, but… I’m glad to be home now. I miss playing D&D.” 🙂

今晚我和一位朋友通了电话,他刚刚与本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)紧密合作了4个月,在酒吧与“本”在一起,整天都在看电影。你知道他对此有何评论吗? “我度过了愉快的时光,但是…我现在很高兴回到家。我很想念D&D。” 🙂

That strikes me a lot like “I was doing 17,500MPH in orbit for a few months, and that was cool, yeah, but man, you know what? I really want a beer and a cheeseburger.”


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