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Robert Frost

Robert Frost Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA

为什么我稍微走出城市范围以外,我就收不到信号了,而空间站的那些人距离地球那么远却还能打电话呢?How come I lose service when I’m slightly outside city limits but they can make calls to the space station?

We use a slightly bigger antenna than you do.、


NASA为其研制太空笔的失败损失了多少?How much did NASA actually spend on its failed attempt at developing a space pen?

$2.95 (two dollars and ninety-five cents). That’s how much NASA paid to purchase each pressurized pen from the Fisher Pen Co. as any regular customer could do. The Fisher Pen Co. designed and built their famous space pen without any involvement of NASA.

2.95美元(2美元和95美分)。 这就是NASA作为普通客户,向费舍尔笔公司购买每支加压笔的费用。 费舍尔笔公司在没有NASA参与的情况下设计和制造了他们著名的太空笔。

The Fisher Pen Company developed a pen that could write upside down, under water, and in freezing temperatures, to satisfy a myriad of customers. They didn’t build the pen for NASA. It has been reported that their R&D for the pen may have been up to $1 million, but that is unconfirmed.

费舍尔笔公司开发了一种可以在水下和冰冻温度下倒置书写的笔,以满足众多客户的需求。 他们没有为NASA制造笔。 据报道,他们在钢笔上的研发费用可能高达100万美元,但这尚未得到证实。

The Russian space agency bought the same pens from Fisher. Similar pens are still used in space, today, but so are regular pens, because they work, too.

俄罗斯航天局向费舍尔购买了同样的钢笔。 今天,类似的笔仍在太空中使用,但普通笔也是如此,因为它们也可以工作。

Tip for the day: don’t get your history or science from Bollywood comedies.


@ David Tussey Retired US Navy pilot

Also, it would have been dangerous to use a pencil in space. The pencil contains graphite, and that disperses when you use it. The graphite could in turn damage the sensitive electronic equipment, even in minute quantities.

此外,在太空中使用铅笔也很危险。 铅笔包含石墨,使用时会散开,甚至微量就能损坏敏感电子设备。


Nope. We use pencils in space every day.


@ Gourab Kar

“Tip for the day: don’t get your history or science from Bollywood comedies.”


Ahem ahem, your fan from Bollywood land here.


The million dollar American pen vsRussian pencil is a popular joke I’ve been reading since childhood in Times newspapers jokes section – gag bag. Then on random Facebook pages and now on Quora.

数百万美元的美国钢笔vs俄罗斯铅笔是我自幼以来就在《时代》报纸笑话部分-gag bag上读过的一个流行笑话。 然后在随机的Facebook页面上,现在在Quora上。

Somebody else created it. Please don’t drag my Bollywood in this :'(

是别的人写了这个笑话。 请不要在怪罪我的宝莱坞:’(


After six years of this question being asked on Quora, the evidence is conclusive that people are getting this idea from “Three Idiots”.


@ Gourab Kar

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