Moorea is a heart-shaped island in the South Pacific, about 20 kilometers northwest of Tahiti. 

The Aral Sea has been shrinking for decades, and just a fraction of its water remains. This image shows the heart-shaped lobe of the sea’s western half in August 2018.

Lake Strobel, located in a remote part of the Patagonian steppe in Argentina, supports some of the world’s largest rainbow trout.


Large and on a Barge: SLS Core Stage Pathfinder Arrives at Kennedy




NASA Meteor Cameras Get Weird for Halloween


That some of the bright clusters and nebulae of planet Earth’s night sky are often named for flowers or insects? This image of the Butterfly Nebula was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009. Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Reprocessing & Copyright: Robert Eder

Astronaut Tom Stafford, wearing his spacesuit, is being shown a pennant bearing Snoopy. The Apollo 10 Lunar Module was named Snoopy and the command module was named Charlie Brown.

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