Clayton C. Anderson

2-time ISS astronaut; 6 spacewalks, 30-yrs NASA, Author/Spkr

A small town boy from Ashland, Nebraska, I am honored to have been able to live my dream of becoming a United States Astronaut. “Kicked to the curb” by NASA’s Astronaut Selection process fourteen times, I am proud to be the first (and currently only) astronaut ever from the State of Nebraska! My answers are my own, and do not represent NASA…I don’t always agree with what they say and/or do! I’m also an author… who’da thought?!

“It’s a Question of Space: An Ordinary Astronaut’s Answers to Sometimes Extraordinary Questions (June 2018, University of Nebraska Press)”

“A is for Astronaut: Blasting Through the Alphabet (March 2018, Sleeping Bear Press)”

The AWARD-WINNING book “The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut” (June 2015, University of Nebraska Press).

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Jonathan Miller

30+ Years NASA Engineer, Johnson Space Center, HoustonSpacesuit Development for Extravehicular Activity Office – 13 years
International Space Station Program Office –  7 years
Orbiter Project Office – 2 years
Space Shuttle Engineering Office at Kennedy Space Center – 6 years

I have worked in all the major human space flight programs for NASA for almost three decades.  I have first hand knowledge and experience of many systems that folks might find interesting.  Rather that wait to retire to write my tell-all book I would like to share some of that information with readers on Quora. 

I have spend the majority of my career at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas, USA, but started at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where I participated in over 40 launches of the Space Shuttle.  I was an Environmental and Life Support System engineer so I am most familiar with those system.  Later in the Orbiter Project Office I worked in the Fluid Systems Division which had responsibility for all the fluid systems including hydraulics and main propulsion systems. 

I am presently working on a next generation space suit to replace the current one in use on ISS as well as prepare for future exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit. 

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements I share on Quora, are my personal opinions and should not be interpreted as representing the views and statements of NASA and the federal government.

Robert Frost

Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA

I work in NASA’s Flight Operations Directorate. I’ve trained astronauts on the guidance, navigation & control of the International Space Station and am currently a flight controller for visiting vehicles. I joined Quora to share the wonders of the space program. In addition to space exploration and instructional design, I like to write about movies, comic books, and history. I have a weekly Quora blog I hope you’ll enjoy: The Greatest Films

DISCLAIMER: Any views I share on Quora are my personal views and should not be interpreted as representing the views of my employer.

Jeffrey Naujok

Computer Programming Guru, Space Freak, and font of trivia

I work as the Director of Software Development, and write code for fun and enjoyment. I’ve chased the space program since I was a kid of 8, writing to NASA. I write, read, and otherwise consume just about any book I can get a hold of.

C Stuart Hardwick

Award-Winning Scifi Author, Analog regular

Writers of the Future winner, Jim Baen Memorial Award winner, Analog Regular and more! Grab a free, signed e-sampler of my award-winning work because you’re awesome.

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Bob Singer

NASA Mission Manager with NASA, Engineer, and part time actor

I am currently a project manager working at Goddard Space Flight Center managing the interface between NASA and users of the Tracking Data and Relay Satellite System. I have been working in communications since 1974 and with satellite systems since 1983.

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements I share on Quora are my personal views and should not be interpreted as representing the views and statements of my employer (NASA and the federal government nor that of my company Peraton).

Garrett Reisman

Former NASA AstronautJust your typical story about a kid who grew up in New Jersey and studied hard, got good grades and somehow became a NASA Astronaut.  Having left NASA in 2011, I now work for Elon Musk at SpaceX where I am the program manager for our Dragon-Falcon 9 crew vehicle – about to return Americans to space on American rockets!

You can read more about me here:  Garrett E. Reisman (6/2011)

Follow me on Twitter:  @astro_g_dogg

Watch my interview on ‘The Colbert Report’ here:
The Colbert Report: Garrett Reisman

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